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Harvest 2019

  • Purple Emperor

    (AC/DC x Otto II ‘E’) x (AC/DC x Otto II ‘C’)

    David Herb Farms

    The Purple Emperor brings robust flavors of sweet floral and citrus pervade. Test results pending.

  • Admiral’s Kush

    (AC/DC x Otto II ‘A’) x (AC/DC x Otto II ‘H’)

    Davis Herb Farms

    The Admiral's Kush has aromatics of sweet citrus and pungent rose. Test results pending.

  • Painted Lady

    (AC/DC x Otto II ‘D’) x (AC/DC x Otto II ‘H’)

    Davis Herb Farms

    The Painted Lady gives whiffs of lemongrass and citrus with fan-favorites of diesel undertones. Test results pending.

  • Pina

    F3 Dirtpurp

    Freeborn Selections

    The fragrant Pina smells like fresh pressed apple cider, caramel, spice and pineapple. It's effect is likened to a pleasant, mellow old-school high. Test results pending.

  • Hawaiian Haze

    DC Haze “CC” x ERB

    Oregon CBD

    Hawaiian Haze oozes a smell of tropical flower funk. It can leave you feeling relaxed, yet clear headed. Test results pending.

  • Sour Space Candy

    Sour Tsunami x ERB

    Oregon CBD

    Test results pending.

  • E1 Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush x E1

    Sovereign Fields

    The Bubba Kush is almost identical to the high-THC Bubba Kush clone with its mix of sweet and earthy flavors in combination with chocolate and alpine herb root undertones. Test results pending.

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