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Welcome to Liontree Farms. We grow and harvest our flower like it’s our own backyard dank.

Aaron Ward

Liontree Founder

Brittany Ward

Liontree Founder

Oregon Country

Liontree Farms is a pioneer in the Oregon cannabis industry. Situated on a terraced slope in a pocket of the Sterling Creek Appellation, Liontree originated as one of the first licensed recreational cannabis farms in Oregon.
The farm quickly gained a cult following due to the farm's exceptional sungrown flower in combination with its sustainable growing techniques and high integrity practices. Expanding on the solid reputation of premium sungrown flower, Liontree now offers connoisseur-grade, compliant hemp flower.

Know Your Grower

Owner and grower Aaron Ward draws from over 25 years of cannabis growing experience. He uses native-soil farming techniques to nurture both the land and the plant without reliance on synthetic nutrients or harmful chemicals commonly found in the industry. The flower is harvested at its prime point of self-expression and is slow cured to perfection ー a labor intensive, craft approach that helps to preserve the various bioactive compounds that are destroyed through the more typically used forced-heat drying system. Hand-trimming and careful packaging are finishing steps to preserve both the freshness and integrity of the delicate flower.


Our passion for growing the purest, most potently healthy flower is surpassed only by our heartfelt admiration for the plant and its rich culture of cultivation. We pay respect to cannabis in our devotion to sourcing highly selective breeding partners and growing a variety of unique, heirloom strains for the Oregon recreational market. We aim to expand our hemp cultivars with the same level of integrity found in our recreational varieties, continuing our tradition of bringing exceptional flower to the community.

Let the Sun Shine In

Liontree flower is the choice of the conscious cannabis consumer who values sustainable farming techniques. We have a long history of sungrown specialization that minimizes our carbon footprint while also maximizing the brilliant power of the sun in order to foster the rich, bioactive compounds of each flower. We cultivate with high-vibrational intention as well as every effort to support each strain’s full spectrum expression. Our flower provides you with a clean, smooth effect that invites you to simply relax into the benefits of cannabis.

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For more information and background, find some of our press about the farm below.

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